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Full-Service Installation, Scheduled Maintenance, Repair & Emergency Plumbing and Heating

After Hours. It’s right there in our name. No matter the day or time, and regardless of scope, we take pride in providing superior plumbing and heating services for homes, businesses, and farms in Southeast Manitoba. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on it. We’re locally owned and we operate on a simple commitment: to take care of our customers.
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About Us

After Hours Plumbing & Heating Ltd. was launched in 2004 in a small home office, they gradually grew customer by customer, employee by employee, and site by site until the operation had expanded from two technicians to a growing team of 19. We treat each job site like our own property, and each employee like a member of our family. And we never try to upsell our customers. Our job is to protect your investments.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Awesome service! I called them about an issue I was having with my hot water tank and furnace, they told me they could come the next morning and fix it. However, they had an opening later that day and fixed it the same day, wow! So impressed with After Hours!”

Hector Dueck

“We had for the past 4 years that we lived at our house used one plumbing service in town who we would call for help when needed. Now our sewer system was clogged and I called this company for help.they said all the guys where busy and they could help us a week later,or to call their after hours service.so I called some other companies, among them After hours plumbing and heating ltd.all of them where busy and lined up,but After hours said they would try to pull someone of a job and send him over.sure enough, half an hour later they called and said the guy’s would be here within 2 hours and they were. So thank you after for making time,doing a great job,friendly professional guy’s who cleaned up after themselves, and guess what. We found our new plumbing and heating company.”
Randy Schroeder